Should other then a oriential Asians be called Asianspossibly not. They will often hit on girl they find attractive, Asian or bright. Obviously any of them are prejudiced and only date Asians. But Asian guy will probably hit on any girl they find attractive. It depends on the personality of that person despite whatever the culture. It is a fact that some Asian males prefer blondes to dark haired women simply because there is such a contrast between the two and also that the world has seen how many blondes there are in California (that is what they see and hear on TV or in magazines.) I live in Canada and see progressively Asian women streaking their hair in brighter shades of red, And some have even gone so far as to put blonde streaks in their hair. that is different. Most of the blondes in the Westernized world had it come out of a bottle. i have found "grimy blondes, "Light brown hair you could blonde" But only a small percentage of true, valid blondes. Each to their personal. = Well im an Asian and i don't really care about race. Most Asians men are silent and shy when near pretty white girls. Im 16 and i yet found an Asian girl ultimately caught my attention. BUT a white girl has but i have a friend who would rather date Asian girls. Also Most Asian Men and Woman don't really want to date an Asian that's Fresh off the boat because If your Asian and rasied in north America and have parents that werent then you would realise why. But since We Asian men get most of the hated pressure from the media we will likely not get lucky. it really depeneds on the guy. If i white asian women girl liked me i would go for her if its and Asian that was born IN canada and america i would go for her also if she liked me. The MAIN point is White Girls tend to stand out more to Asian men because of looks and outlook. = To the first comment, i have not heard of an Asian man being prejudice towards white women (White women are the most popular), Must be a national thang. It's usually the opposite, Where the female would be prejudiced for male. ( Full answer )You can be Asian because your ancestors were Asian and your culture becomes Asian. Even if you get plastic surgery to change your face, you will still be Asian. You would be considered Asian by nationality if born in Asia in specific situations. They move to the USA and give birth to youngsters. Those children would be regarded as American but of Asian origin. ( Full react )just how could you call Men that prefer Asian women?wl,White men are people would go after the Asian woman and more likely marry them and consider having their kids. Black people have the freedom from humans. I do not think its racist,I am a black woman and i am not saying offened at all. ( Full solution )Why Asians are smart?I don't know about other Asian nations, But since me, The South Korean schools are much tougher than any other countries in the planet. the education systems in South Korea are mostly boosted by extra after school private education. Because these private educations are responsible for students to do well in the high school, The high schools' standardized tests must become more difficult in order to discover the ranks, usually, everyone attending would get 100's and anybody will be first ranked. And all universites and colleges in South Korea see the student's rank in the high school for his or her qualification in the universities and colleges. They do not have a product like GPA or report cards. All watertight and weatherproof do is do well in the mid term and semester test. purpose why private education systems are more focusing on only the test and try to encourage students to learn everything before hand. also, Asian Americans usually don't have foreign accents since they are used to English being their active tounge. except, They stuck close to their Asian ancestors nonetheless spoke their language. There a Mexican u. s,national kid in my school, I thought he was born in Mexico because he had an accent but he was born in the usa but he/his family speaks Spanish at home. Asian us residents, Usually don't speak their mother/native toungues anymore as their ancestors and forefathers or parents did or do. Some Asians still do speak their different languages, Like the Filipino residents from Hawaii. most of them are Hawaiian and American born, Even long generations into Hawaii or America and thus their GREAT GREAT grandpa/grandma was an immigrant but they still speak Tagalog/Filipino or Illocano and such. Indian others, (originated from India, Not indigenous peoples) Same theme. A lot still speak their couples native toungues but are born here, Some really don't. I got Indian American childhood friends who speak Tamil, Hindi and Bengali or Punjabi at their homes but they don't have foreign accents as the are American born. A lot of Japanese Americans as far as I know, DON'T speak their japanese toungues anymore. the japanese Americans who got persecuted and sent to internment camps in World War II didn't speak Japanese, I doubt many did. I don't like the term "wok cookware" As a race/ethnicity really. Basically the native americans are "Asian vacationers" in actual fact, Speaking to the fact that they came from Asia, From what's now Mongolia and Russia (Asian seciont of paris). ( Full respond ).